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Bitcoin | Cyber ​​cyclone | 2021

Bitcoin | Cyber ​​cyclone

Illegal under Bangladeshi law
I have a lot of resources! But, why should I give an account of so many assets to the government? I have to hide my list of assets from the government. This requires an account – an account in which I have billions of rupees, but no one will know that it is my account. Everything will be kept secret, out of the reach of the government.
Although Bitcoin was not created out of the above-mentioned thinking, Bitcoin is booming because of this kind of opportunity.

Bit coin

We save money on ATM cards, that money cannot be caught. Only money is accounted for through electronic devices. However, the currency (money) of that ATM is approved by the Government of Bangladesh.

However, Bi tcoin is an electronic currency system. 

  • It is not a state-run currency system. If you open an account just like you open an account on Facebook, you will get your bitcoin account. In the beginning, your account balance will be zero.
  • Administratively the government or, the bank can take stock of your assets. But, even if you have crores of rupees worth of bitcoin in Bitcoin, no one has to give an account. Even, no one will know – this is your account.

Eliminate unemployment with Bit coin

When Bitcoin is exchanged from a B itcoin account, some computational problem has to be solved to confirm that exchange. However, Bitcoin has no government or institution. So, some people do this on their own with their computers. In return, they get a certain amount of bitcoin. This work is called bitco in mining. Thus, many people are earning bitc oin by voluntarily mining bitcoin. Although many cybercriminals hack other people’s computers to mine this bitcoin. Then he does mining with the hacked computer. Again, hackers also use bi tcoin to solicit money as ransom after hacking, so that their identities are kept secret.

The future of Bitcoin

There are many cryptocurrencies like btc. However, the use of btc is illegal in Bangladesh under the Foreign Exchange Act. But, even if you use btc since your identity cannot be found, can the laws of the country prevent the citizens of the country? Just a year ago, Jamuna TV showed them in a report – at that time about 2/3 lakh people in Bangladesh were involved in bi tcoin. I even told you a long time ago that a cryptocurrency system like Bitc oin has been introduced in PayPal cards.
All in all, the world today is leaning towards bit coin, willingly or unwillingly, by the government. A woman came with OneCoin, deceived people, and ran away. Monero came to compete with Bit coin as the owner of the Bitc oin account had the opportunity to identify him due to his negligence. Still, Bitc oin is moving at its own pace. Today, the value of 1 bitcoin is about 33 lakh rupees. Bitc oin is basically the cyclone of the cyber world. Even if we want to stop this storm, it cannot be stopped.

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Writer –Md. Abdullah Al Mamun

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