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Why My Computer Shuttering In Windows 10? Get The Computer Shuttering Solution For Free



Introduction: Computer stutters at the time of watching the online videos in the  Netflix or in the YouTube or in any other video streaming ways or websites. 

Computer Stuttering is happening for many reasons. Outdated drivers, browsers , operating systems and  applications are mostly the cause of that. Mostly computer stutters when we watch online videos or play games . Nowadays games are becoming  more demanding on our devices. It’s very difficult to deal with some side effects with PC  stuttering impact. There is some reason why games may stutter. It could be because of a dip in frames per second, game engines try to load  assets like textures, also because of driver settings or viruses. 

What is called stuttering or freezing ? 

In a general way it is a rendering exception which occurs because it causes the time period  between the frames to noticeably vary from each other. That is undoubtedly a very good and wise definition, but it is also necessary to surround all the various causes of computer  stuttering.

Computer Shuttering Solution: Game stuttering or freezing is the asymmetrical  delays between the  GPU frames which can have a notable impact on the gameplay . A game is that stutters or freezes will feel slow or laggy , and sometimes it delays the player’s actions. The motion in a stuttering or freezing game might appear to be shaking .

Computer Shuttering Solution: Stuttering or freezing is mainly characterized by the repetition of the words  or the  sounds or the syllables and the disruptions in the normal rate of speech. For example : A person may repeat the same  consonant letter,  such as :  “K,” “G,” or “T.”  They sometimes may  have difficulty  pronouncing  certain sounds or starting a PC.

What happens when you stutter or freeze a lot?

Stuttering or freezing is the condition when that affects a person’s capability  to speak smoothly and finely.  It also can cause them to repeat the  words, the parts of sentences, or the sounds. Someone who stutters or freezes on the pronunciation of a single word or a sound. They may  be tensed up with their facial muscles as they are stuttering . 

Causes of computer stuttering

There are so many causes why a game will stutter or freeze . This could occur  because you have a big dip in your frames per second, the game engine is trying to load things like the models or the textures, in which you have a faulty cord at  the back side of your computer, or something else. It may be because of the drivers, the settings, or the viruses.

Computer Shuttering Solution: There are many more  causes that are why you have noticed the stuttering or freezing in the games : a big dip in your FPS, the game engine loading assets like models or textures or a mismatch between your FPS and refresh rate.

Computer stutter when we play games but not at any other times cause  it’s don’t have the the resources to run the game and take on all the background processes at the same time. its also can be hardware issue but it’s rare. When it’s happens we lose our concentration, make mistakes and completely ruin our entire experience. But we can fix this issue by doing some different things.

Computer Shuttering Solution:


  • Turn off the Windows Game Bar and Game   DVR
  • Turn off Intel Turbo Boost
  • Update Graphics Card Drivers
  • Enable V-Sync
  • Turn off the Dynamic tick
  • Turn off Diagnostic Policy Service
  • Close other Applications before playing Games

These are few options why computer stutters and how to fix it. Most of them relate back to the software downloaded on computer also could be caused by older hardware, bad cords, pinches and twists in the cords. if none of these work then we need to take steps.

What happens when you stutter or freeze  a lot?

Stuttering is a condition that affects a person’s ability to speak smoothly. It can cause them to repeat words, parts of sentences, or sounds. Someone who stutters might prolong the pronunciation of a single word or sound. They may tense up their facial muscles as they struggle to speak.

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What causes a laptop to lag and stutter?

There are many reasons that the Windows OS can appear to “stutter” or “lag”. The most common are caused by the lack of available RAM, the time necessary to retrieve data from nonvolatile storage and delay in the process of communicating with a server or external storage.

Computer Shuttering Solution: Deficiency  of sufficient  RAM: To Manage a volatile memory (or a RAM) is a little bit of a black art. Back in the dark periods of computing, a computer had a sufficient  amount of memory present  and when the memory  went  out, it crashed, and  the computer was hung. Along with the coming computers with GUIs, the  user’s interfaces are memory hogs (but very much useful) so the concept of the virtual memory managers which were adapted from the mainframe of the world.

The Virtual memory managers (commonly called swap files in Windows parlance) Allow the operating systems for recycling the  chunks of the memory not actively in use through copying them to persistent storage as like  a hard drive. Some of the data moved from memory to the hard drive and the freed space is made very available to other programs that need it. The swap process has only one flaw, it’s slow compared to increasing the  speed of accessing data stored directly in RAM, lots slower. However on a computer with a smaller amount of RAM this time consuming process of swapping from RAM to hard disk can cause the stutter described.

Time is necessary to retrieve any data from the volatile memory storage. Any Hard disk and USB storage is so much   lower   than the RAM of the system of a program have to wait for any file or any database for being read.

Computer Shuttering Solution: Slowing down in the process of communicating with any server or the external storage of the Computer “stuttering” or “freezing” in Facebook or Instagram? Those services take a beating from the users. So,  Posting or reading at the time of peak hours, there is storage stuttering or freezing  problems on your PC.

Computer Shuttering Solution: Other things :  The CPU and I/O have some gravel background applications such as :  the inline backups, the applications attempting to access  the data files that is not longer exist, the applications looking for common the DLL files that already have  some multiple versions are saved in the  storage and many many more.

With all that has been said ,  to make sure that you have plenty of RAM  and a really fast hard drive.

Fixing the computer stuttering Solutions:

S/1.Turn on the Windows Game Bar and Game DVR:

Playing games with windows 10  is heightened chance of seeing game stuttering then new updates create more problems than past updates.we can apply those settings to do this:

a)Press window key +Q hotkey at the same time.

b)Type (Game)into the search box.

#select “control how Game bar opens and recognise your game”to open new windows where we can change the setting.

c)Turn off “Record in Background while I am playing Game”.

d)Restarting computer.

It’s effective for those who have started to see stuttering right after their computer has been updated. We have to do this  multiple times because everything continues to update.

S/2.Turn of Intel Turbo Boost:

If it doesn’t work and you still seeing stuttering on your device.You can turn off Intel Turbo Boost Features to do this;

  1. a) Enter powercfg.cpl in the run menu then select (ok).
  2. b) Click ‘change Plan Settings’ in order to open further options.
  3. c) Click ‘change advanced power settings’.

d)Double click on the processor power management category in order to explain it.

  1. e) Double click “Maximum processor state”.
  2. F) Adjust the on Battery and plugged in values to 99%.
  3. g) Select “Apply” then click on (ok).

S/3.Update your Graphics card Drivers:

Computer Shuttering Solution:  If you have old graphics card drivers then you are to experience stuttering while you are playing games it’s easy to fix this problem. you need to update your Graphics card.It is  easy that you can do on windows 10:

  1. a) Launch run by hitting the Windows key +R on the keyboard.
  2. b) Enter ‘dxdiag’ in the open text box and click  ‘ok’ in  order to open the necessary window.

c)Make sure to write down the OS details listed on the system tab.

  1. d) Click on the display tab which includes more information, including the graphics card or current driver version details. 
  2. e) Go to graphics card manufacturers’ websites on your favourite browser .There are some other options.
  3. f) Open up the driver Download page on the manufacturer’s website.
  4. g) choose an appropriate graphics card model and platform from one of the drop down menus.
  5. h) There should be a ‘Download’ option to download the last driver version that is compatible with the platform if it doesn’t match the version.
  6. I) Right click the driver icons on the desktop and select ‘ Run as Administrator’.
  7. j) In some cases I need to select an extraction path for the files.
  8. k) You should see the setup wizard to help install the driver.
  9. l) Follow the prompts.
  10. m) Restart computer.

If it doesn’t work try the next Computer Shuttering Solution:

computer shuttering
Computer Shuttering Solution

S/4.Enable V-Sync:

Stuttering in games can be cause there is a disparity between in frame rate of the monitor and GPU.To solve this problem is to use the V-Sync to do this on NVIDIA PCs:

computer shuttering
Computer Shuttering Solution
  1. a) Right click when you are on the desktop and Select ‘NVIDIA control Panel’  on the menu that pops up.
  2. b) click ‘3D settings’ and then select  ‘ manage 3D settings’ to get more options to open.
  3. c) Select ‘Force on ‘ if you aren’t able to see it try to click on the vertical sync drop down menu. 

Computer Shuttering Solution: 3You need to restart your device for the result.

S/5.Close Other Games And  Application before playing your games:

Computer Shuttering Solution: Close all the application before using another game to do this:

  1. a) Right click the start menu button to select ‘Task Manager’.
  2. b) Select a program that you aren’t using on tab
  3. c) click ‘ End Task’ to close down the program.

Computer Shuttering Solution: You need to be sure that you saved anything you have done in those programs cause you will not be able to get that back.

Computer Shuttering Solution: Sometimes more RAM may help by multitasking certainly . Drives are so many many times slower than the RAM, so that may  slow you down. Now, if your game stuttering or freezing is related to the RAM or not is for uncertain reasons. The games are highly dependent  on the video card (GPU) performance, as well as getting the ‘enough’ performance from the CPU and the RAM.

Computer Shuttering Solution: Obviously,  it is  natural for computers to slow down . Your office computer may also begin to show signs of laging once you’ve installed so many programs and then filled up the hard drive and the computer’s performance will dip down . This may manifest itself in slowing,  stuttering or freezing video or audio playbacks , and sometimes through  the sounds your computer makes . Stuttering of freezing sounds or heavy mechanical sounds  may sometimes indicate that the hard drive or the fan of the PC are not working properly , which may bring about the system failure.


Computer Shuttering Solution: Conclusion 

At the type of playing Godfall, it is definitely  worth noting that the game does not experience the long half-second long stutters or freezes  from time to time . These stutters and freezes typically occur when the players firstly utilise a new  type of attack or another new type of  action within the game. With the Godfall being a good Direct X 12 title, we really believe that this is a shader cache matter as those stutters and freezes  only seem to occur when players do a new action for the first time, such as: specialised attacks or  combos.

After a very few hours of the gameplay, these stutters or freezes shouldn’t happen very frequently . That being said, we hope that Counterplay Games can also address this issue very soon. 

Computer Shuttering Solution: So overall, we see that Godfall’s in-game benchmark is correct , and similarly the framerates can also be replicated within the game. Remember  that the game’s first mission is not more demanding than the main game play, as it is typical for a game’s prologue. 

Computer Shuttering Solution: Godfall is an undoubtedly  demanding game on the PC, and those who have the older hardware should avoid the game till they upgrade their system log. After the test , it is clear that the GPU is like the Nvidia’s GTX 1080 Ti and AMD’s Radeon RX 5700 XT are Godfall’s recommended graphics cards. 

Computer Shuttering Solution: Why does my PC keep glitching?

This can be your hard drive, an overheating CPU, a bad memory or a failing power supply. In many cases, it may also be your motherboard, although it is a rare incidence. Generally with the hardware problems, the freezing or stuttering  will start out sporadically, but it may increase in frequency as the time goes on.

Computer Shuttering Solution: Can low RAM cause PC stuttering?

If you have to use the hard disk to store datas that could easily be put in the RAM, it will stutter or freeze  because hard drives are really very  slow compared to the RAM.

Computer Shuttering Solution: Can an SSD fix stuttering?

A ssd will definitely  help on the games if the reason  for the stuttering or freezing  is the hard drive. You do not have any more matters. Sounds like there are any other problems that the drive is already having though. Check out and make sure that you don’t have any type of virus or windows indexing taking all the drive’s capabilities. 

Computer Shuttering Solution: How do I unfreeze my computer?

At first Press and hold the buttons “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Del”  in that order. That may  unfreeze the computer, or show up any option to restart the PC , shut down the PC or open the task manager of your PC.

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