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Full costumes on display at the Otago Museum 2021

Full costumes on display at the Otago Museum

Otago Museum– Celebrating the golden jubilee of independence is giving dimension to many of our small and big achievements. In particular, the success and recognition of the younger generation is multiplying the joy. There are many fields beyond our comprehension. Where our young people are taking place in their talents and qualifications along with friends from other countries of the world.

For example, let’s talk about a special fashion exhibition at the Otago Museum in Dunedin, New Zealand. They have organized an exhibition titled ‘Fashion Forward: Dispersion through Design’. There is a dress designed by the new fashion designer of Bangladesh Rokaiya Ahmed Purna.

The exhibition was inaugurated on March 26. Open to the public from March 26 to October 16. In this exhibition, the creative work of those who have been able to shake the society with their own costume designs has found a place. Where there are old-fashioned clothes as well as cute and absolutely modern designs. This is a mixed exhibition.

Here are all the great costumes selected from the museum’s own collection. It also has a collection of top New Zealand designers. At the same time, the creation of newcomers has also been given a place. For example, from the beginning of the ID International Emerging Designers competition, the clothes of those who have become finalists have also found a place. Museum authorities say they want to present contemporary innovations in the light of history. For this, there is an opportunity to unveil various layers of fashion design in this event.

The ID International Emerging Designers Award has been held since 2005. New fashion designers from different countries of the world took part in this competition. At least 30 designers are nominated each year in the final round. One by one the finalists from different countries who participated in the last 18 years till 2020 have got a place in this exhibition. Rokaiya Ahmed Purna of Bangladesh is also here.

In 2017, Rokaiya Ahmed was nominated in the final round from Bangladesh. At the service she attended the Dunedin Fashion Show and also won the Entrepreneur Award. He gave five outfits in the service competition. From there a costume found a place in the exhibition.

The job of creative people is to remove the darkness of society. Remove the stone of superstition. The root of all those thoughts that bind us around us is to tear them down. Giving the message of a livable world for people. Fashion design is no exception, so the Otago Museum has organized a wonderful event. This event is to inspire the people there as well as the world.

Seminars, pop-up fashion events, workshops etc. will be held on the occasion of this exhibition.

The world is going through a strange time. People are also adapting in many ways to the extreme. As a result, new changes are also being signaled. This exhibition also talks about that change.

“It is definitely a matter of pride for me in the golden jubilee year of independence,” said Purna, who was overjoyed to have her own design at such an international event. I have been able to bring this honor for the country. March 26 is our Independence Day. And I am very happy that this exhibition was inaugurated on the same day. I have not seen the liberation war, but I have learned to do my work from free thinking with the spirit of liberation war. The exhibition at the Otago Museum in New Zealand is a different experience for me. ‘

Collection thoughts

Purna always likes to work outside the conventional fashion style. Where there are roots of Bangladesh the people, art, culture and tradition here. The costumes on display at the Otago Museum showcase the traditional weaving of our country’s indigenous peoples. So he did the contemporary design with woven fabric at the waist.

Design is not just the attachment of a few fabrics, but also the feeling, the feeling, the story and the history. And indigenous weaving is the exclusive passion of women. It is their source of income as well as a means of preserving their traditions. Their weaving techniques, weaving designs and weaving skills inspire a designer. His work is fully inspired.

Besides, there is nothing to separate them, but it is an attempt by this new designer to express solidarity with them. He considers this work as a tribute to the indigenous weaving tradition of the country and a special gift for this community.


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