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What is the Internet?
What is the Internet?

What is the Internet? Do you know how the internet works-2021

What is the Internet? Do you know how the internet works?


When you chat or send mail to someone on the Internet, have you ever wondered how many different computers are working together to complete these tasks? You are sitting at the table or on your lap with your computer, and at the other end, your friend is sitting with the computer ready to communicate with you.

But there are dozens of other computers between you and your friend’s computer that are filling the gap between you and your friend’s computer. And that’s how one computer is connected to another computer all over the world and that’s the Internet. But how are these different computers able to relate to each other? Friends, let’s take a closer look at all this. see more

What is the Internet?

The global communication system has improved a lot and all this is due to the Internet. In less than 20 years, it has spread to about 210 different countries. Even many of the world’s poorest countries have joined the net.

Most people, including you and me, think that the word internet means to go online. But to be honest it is nothing more than a simple computer network. Think of a road that spans the globe. Just as the traffic flows through the road and reaches its destination, so does the flow of data through different computers reach its destination. And this is the basis of the Internet. The Internet is actually a system of connecting different computers together (your home computer, office computer, school, college computer).

Internet, what is the internet, how the internet works – What is the Internet

One computer is connected to another computer in different ways. Some computers are connected by old copper cables and some by fiber-optic cables (which send data in the vibration of light) and some computers are connected by wireless connection (wireless connection means what we call wireless, it connects via radio waves). ) And which computers are connected to the satellite. And that’s how we can enjoy instant massage facility, email service, or download MP3 music files. – What is the Internet

What is the real work of the Internet? – – What is the Internet

The job on the internet is actually very simple, he just exchanges and delivers data from one place to another, diameter. The main function of the machines that have come together to create the Internet is to exchange and provide data. In fact, the Internet can be compared to a postal service.

Letters are exchanged from one place to another in the Postal Service. But it doesn’t matter who the letter came from or what is written inside the letter. Again, even if the letter is completely blank, the postal service does not come. His job is to reach the diameter of the letter. The Internet works the same way. What is the Internet

Explain what the internet is – What is the Internet

Like the postal service, the Internet also contains a lot of information that is passed from one place to another. This means that if any data is exchanged, the Internet will complete it. Now whether you send an email or massage someone has nothing to do with the internet. However, the task of exchanging data will help to complete the Internet, diameter. We are now exploring new uses based on this data exchange formula.What is the Internet

For example, when two European investors created Skype, they brought telephone conversations into the net. They created a program where our conversations could be turned into data and conversations could continue. But it was never possible to create a separate internet for Skype by exchanging our words directly. What is the Internet

How is the data exchanged on the Internet? – What is the Internet

The Internet basically works like a telephone network. But carrying data on the internet and making telephone calls is a different matter. When you ring a friend, a direct connection (or circuit) between you and your friend opens on your telephone. As long as you are connected to the telephone, the circuit is open. The method of connecting one telephone to another is called circuit switching. The electronic telephone exchange system controls who can be heard and who will be sent.

How is the data exchanged on the Internet? – What is the Internet

But if you think about it, your friends will realize that circuit switching is a really inefficient way to set up a network. No one else will be able to connect with you on that line whenever you are connected to your friend on the phone. (Suppose you are typing an e-mail to someone, it may take hours to type, and what if no one else can send you an e-mail at this point?) Suppose you are talking too slowly on the telephone He left the phone and went to fetch a mug of coffee.

So you are not sending any information then, but your phone is still connected to your friend’s phone. You are being charged for every second and whether you talk or not, having the phone connected means no one else can call that line. So circuit switching can never be the ideal network. So what kind of network does the Internet use to carry data? What is the Internet

Packet switching – What is the Internet

The Internet still sometimes uses circuit switching methods to carry its data. For example, if you use a dial-up connection (where your computer dials a telephone number to reach your Internet provider, and it works just like a normal phone call) to connect to the Internet. Here you use the circuit switching method to get online. So no one can call you as long as I’m connected. And you have to pay for every second you stay connected. And instead your net connection will work at a snail’s pace. What is the Internet

What is a data packet? These blocks transport your data to the Internet! – What is the Internet

But most of the internet data is carried in a completely new way called packet switching. Suppose you want to send an email to an Indian friend. So here is your Indian friend and you don’t need to be directly connected to get this complete mail at once. After sending your mail in packet switching, it is divided into many parts. And each of these pieces is called packets. Each packet is tagged that they have to go to words and they can travel in different ways. When the pieces reach their destination, they are reassembled so that they can be displayed as mail. What is the Internet

The packet switching method tends to be much more efficient than the circuit switching method. You will never need to be completely connected to anyone. So you are not closing someone’s line at all. Someone else can use the same line at the same time and the specific packets will reach your address just like that. Since the packets travel in different directions, there is no obstruction. As a result, many fast speeds can be seen. What is the Internet

How does packet switching work? — What is the Internet

Before you can understand how packet switching works, you need to understand how circuit switching works. Suppose you live in America and plan to move to Bangladesh. Imagine that you are thinking of bringing not only your belongings but also your building with you – but think of a nightmare where you are carrying your whole house from one end of the earth to the other. So what do you have to do?

The first step is to look for a road that you can easily travel. Then you will need some trucks. And to cross the sea you will need a special ship. Think about how difficult the whole thing became. And you will go back a few days to carry so much together. Because your destination will be much slower. Again, if someone else tries to come on the same road, he will also get stuck. In fact the circuit switching method works similarly to this. And this is how telephone calls are made.

Data packet

Now imagine another situation. Suppose you opened your building and numbered every brick. Fill each brick with an envelope and send it to your destination one by one. Some may have gone by ship and some may have gone by air. Then when all the bricks have arrived together, the numbers of the bricks will be matched to make the previous building again. Since the bricks have traveled on different roads, there will be no traffic jam. And others will be able to use the same road at the same time.

And this is exactly the way packet switching works. When you email or browse a site with a browser, all the data is broken down into many packets and spread on the Internet.

How do computers do different things on the Internet? – What is the Internet

There are hundreds of millions of computers across the Internet. But not all of them do the same thing. Some of these computers just collect data and send it when requested from somewhere. And these machines are called servers. The machines that store documents are called file servers. The servers that hold your mail are called mail servers. And the servers that contain webpages are called web servers. There are millions of servers on the Internet.

Computers that collect data from servers are called client computers. When you enter the Internet to check mail, your computer is the client, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the server and the mail comes from the mail server. There are more clients than servers on the Internet, about a billion.

The various devices connected to the Internet – What is the Internet

When two computers exchange information with each other, it is called peers. If you do instant messaging or photo sharing with your friends, this is peer-to-peer (P2P) communication. P2P sometimes behaves as your computer client and sometimes as your computer server. Suppose you sent a photo to your friend, then your computer acted as a server (sent the photo). And your friend’s computer will act as a client (access photos). Again, if your friend sends a photo, his computer will act as a server (sent the photo) and your computer will act as a client (access the photo).

In addition to just the server and the client, there is another middle computer that is another part of the Internet. And its name is router. It just helps to connect between different systems. If you have multiple computers at home or at school or in the office, a router can help you connect to the Internet.

TCP / IP and DNS – What is the Internet

The real thing is to exchange data on the internet, but it is not as easy as carrying a house in a brick envelope. Internet data cannot be controlled by any human being like you or me. Numerous data is exchanged on the net every day — about 3 billion emails in draft form and a huge amount of traffic downloading and uploading various data across 250 million websites around the world. Now the question is if all this data is sent in packets and if no one has any control, how can everyone get to the real destination without losing these packets?


The answer is TCP / IP or Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. This system helps to deliver all the packets to the destination. It can be called a two-in-one system. In the world of computers, “protocol” means a standard that everyone believes in and ensures that everything is delivered. Now you must be wondering, does TCP / IP actually work? Let’s find out.

Internet Protocol or IP is a simple addressing system. All the machines on the internet have a different IP. When each machine has a different IP, it is easier to identify which machine and which packets can be sent accordingly. IP addresses are basically a number of entries. And the numbers are separated using commas or colon.

In the case of websites, things are a little different. Names are used on the website for easy remembering instead of IP. E.g. ( The name of this system is DNS or Domain Name Server. After entering the domain name into the browser, the computer starts looking for this IP and when it finds the IP, the site opens from the web server.

There are basically two types of IP. One is IPv4 and the other is IPv6. IPv4 has four digits. Such as or But in today’s fast growing internet world there are no new IPv4 addresses left. So a new system has been invented which is called IPv6. It is much taller than IPv4. 123a: b716: 7291: 0da2: 912c: 0321: 0ffe: 1da2 is an example of IPv6. [Learn more about IP addresses]

Another part of this control system is the transmission control protocol or TCP. This system determines how to send packets from one IP to another. And this system aggregates the received packets. If a packet is lost while sending the packet again, it is re-sent.

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